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EcoLeadership Award 2008 EcoLeadership Winner & Event Sponsor:
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At its Annual Workplace Excellence Award Event on June 19, 2008, the AWE presented the first EcoLeadership Award, recognizing visionary employers that are paving the way for environmentally sustainable workplaces. Eco-friendly policies and practices attract talent, increase productivity, reduce costs, improve employee morale and loyalty, and project a strong public image.

To be considered for the EcoLeadership award, businesses must complete a comprehensive and rigorous assessment process led by an Independent Review Panel of academics and business professionals.

Award-winning employers demonstrate commitment to environmental sustainability in the following categories:
Waste Minimization: reducing the impact of waste in all business and production processes (i.e. recycling, equipment purchasing, printing)
Water Conservation: reduction or re-use (i.e. faucet aerators, water efficient landscaping)
Pollution Prevention: elimination of toxic and hazardous substances from the workplace and use of environmentally conscious products (i.e. non-toxic cleaning products, biodegradable soap)
Environmentally-Conscious Travel: reduce or offset travel-related emissions (i.e. transportation incentives, carpooling board, electric, hybrid, or fuel-cell car rentals)
Energy Efficiency: reduce energy use, streamline operations and contribute to healthier environment (i.e. alternative energy use, carbon offsets)
The 2008 EcoLeadership Award goes to Ecoprint of Silver Spring, Maryland. Its environmentally responsible printing process is 100% Carbon Neutral - with a net of ZERO Greenhouse Gas emissions!

President Roger Telschow is recognized by the AWE for reducing waste and preventing pollution throughout the printing process. Here are some of Ecoprint’s accomplishments:
Became the first "Carbon Neutral" U.S. printer with ZERO climate impact, having offset its CO2 emissions 100 percent through renewable credits and tree planting.
Replaced alcohol and alcohol substitutes in the press wetting agents with a compound based on non-toxic citric acid and gum arabic, which is entirely non-polluting.
Minimized hazardous waste ink and solvents through a program of recycling and conservation.
Significantly reduced paper waste in printing and binding operations through greater efficiency and changes in equipment.
Found substitutes for chlorinated hydrocarbons and ozone-depleting chemicals commonly used in the printing process.
Purchased a high-speed label addressing system that uses a non-polluting water-based ink jet system.
Instituted a shop-wide energy efficiency program which has significantly reduced consumption.
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